Friday, April 17, 2009

Garnished with a Cherry

After the success of "Tarnished" La La Parlour has returned to BrisVegas with their new show, "Garnished". The hour-long show delivers what it promises as a mixture of circus and burlesque. With no set storyline, each act blends well into a continuous momentum of skill and comedy, except this time instead of four ladies, the troupe has a testosterone injection.
Mark Winmill and Rudi Mineur outshine their female counterparts, the lovely Tigerlil and Kellie Vella, bringing the house down with their buffed bods and gay antics. The four members complemented each other well on stage, and if you can get by the milked applauses, and the various items thrown at the audience (some unintentional :p), then this show could nearly be considered suitable for the whole family. Luckily it's not.
My only condolences when out to the poor girls who sat at table 3 tonight.

"Garnished" by La la Parlour is playing at the Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley until Saturday 18 April, 2009. Tickets probably sold out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vision Board

I've decided I need to put up a new vision board. I had one years ago, but I think it fell down and then got tossed along with all the great visions I once had! The need to feel like we've achieved something worthwhile should encourage us to have more goals and be more committed to them.
I do have some goals written down - but I think it's time for some visual reminders.. the bigger house, a new car, holidays and so on.
I recently read somewhere that because of all the technology and conveniences available to us today, it is relatively easy to go through life without having to fully commit to anything. We make half-hearted commitment, and like most females, reserve the right to change our mind at any given notice. Tomorrow we want to save the world, but today we want to curl up in bed with a glass of wine and a good book. Perhaps its fear of success, fear of rejection, or just plain fact that we couldn't really be bothered.
When it comes to a breakfast of eggs and bacon, it comes down to the chicken or the pig: the chicken is only supporting the breakfast by supplying the egg, but the pig is fully commited to providing the bacon. Okay, that might be against their will, but you get the idea.
The important thing is to stop complaining and start doing something. If you don't like something, then see if you can do something about it. If you can't, then you have to accept it and STOP complaining. By creating a board of goals and visions for the future, you can remind yourself what you really want to achieve and spend more time focusing on the positive things in life!
Now to find my old cork board...